We are in heaven

January 17, 2023

Here is a moment I wanted to share with you.

This photo shows me after 4h of sleep, days of constant work, trying to move out of my apartment in time, painting since 5 in the morning. I had this going for weeks. Non-stop process, falling in love on top, having to let go of the idea I had with her, Finishing a diploma, preparing for a retreat I'm facilitating, and much more...

I had a moment where my body told me to lay on the floor. I started crying.

But it was not crying out of frustration, fear, tiredness, or sadness. I was crying out of pure bliss and gratitude.

As I was laying on the floor I started to realize that Everything I had been asking for, was given.

Just a few months before I had this vision of me traveling again, having just a backpack. Now I was about to make this move. I had wished for a deep connection with a woman, and the connection with this woman evolved exactly in that Direction. I had asked for help, and people showed up.

What became so clear to me, as I was laying on the floor, was that it had been given to me already, all of it. I was just too busy holding on to an idea of how it should come to me. As I was letting it go, I couldn't help but see the incredible perfection that this life is.

We are in heaven.

We are heaven.

As I see my life at this moment, I can't help but bow down to pray to myself for the gift I have given me.

Living this life.



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