Being Business Intensive

Vienna | 9-11 February 2024


Hi I’m Moritz Lembert.  
I help small business owners and leaders create thriving businesses.

I work closely with individual clients to help them live and express themselves freely, creating results that exceed their expectations.

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Powerful Coaching

Through one-to-one coaching conversation, we tap into your inner wisdom, working together to uncover the infinite possibilities that are available to you, both in life and your business.  

By realising that the thoughts that you hold to be true, are nothing but made-up stories, you’re free to create limitlessly

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Being Business Intensive | Vienna | 9-11 February 2024

This 3-day immersive experience is hosted alongside former Landmark Forum Leader, Ria Gijsbers. Together we explore who you are currently being in your life and your business and what needs to change about your being in order to create the business you desire.


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Upcoming programs

Being Business Program

If you’re committed to transforming your business alongside other successful business owners who want to play a bigger game, book your place on the Being Business Programme.

You will not be the same person on completion of this programme as you were when you started, and your business is going to fly!

4-month online programme, kick-started with the Being Business Intensive in Vienna.

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Inner Freedom Retreat cover picture with forest

Inner Freedom Online Programme & Retreat

The inner freedom retreat is a combination of movement practice, dance, coaching, and exploration of the principles of mind and nature. We are already free; we just think we are not.

It is a two-month online program that explores our whole Being, culminating in a 7-day forest retreat in Dom Aurora, in the heart of the Austrian countryside.

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