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Coaching for heartful leaders

What would it mean to you to be a heartful leader, seen and respected as such?

You have looked behind the curtain, yet how to bring it down to earth? 
You've done it all. Now it's time to be. Be you - a 100%.
You didn't come to struggle. You came here to create.

Let's build the bridge from the intangible to the physical and start creating a life where both can co-exsist.
From my raw, relatable heart to yours.
More about the coaching

I am Moritz

Traveler between worlds. 

From the office space of a tech company, talking with CEOS, 
to a bonfire barefoot in the middle of the forest. You will find me. 

Throughout my life I managed to connect the knowledge and insights from different worlds and helped to bring the wisdom of those to each other. 
Some of the most profound insights I gained by meeting one single person: myself. 

The depth of what you can find inside of you is endless - and so is my mission. 
I see it as my path to guide people closer to their truth. Through listening from an open heart, with clarity and the presence of being here, right now. 

Only you know your way - but as your guide I am here to help you to see it clearly.

It's my mission to guide heartful leaders, just like you, to an inner place of aliveness, connection and freedom - through a deep and devoted coaching experience.
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  • Moritz is a naturally skilled coach. While he has all the tools that other coaches have, Moritz is able to help you tap into your intuition and passion by bringing three things to each session that makes him a singular coach. 

    Firstly, he creates a nonjudgmental space - one in which your pride and shame stand shoulder to shoulder to help you better understand and accept how you are showing up in the moment. 

    Secondly, he is comfortable with uncertainty, and his ability to lead by example - to detach from outcomes and trust the process - creates space in the session for you to do the same. 

    And thirdly, he is an explorer, inspiring you to new perspectives and insights. When I work with Moritz, I leave the session feeling energized because I am able to leverage new awareness to make clear choices in service of my values and to trust that I have the power to unlock unlimited possibilities for myself.
    Megan Warren, Executive coach, Programmatic operations, Public health consultant

  • Dear Moritz,
    I started coaching with you because I wanted one answer. Shall I participate in a coaching course? At first, the answer in my mind was just a simple yes or no. 

    We started talking, and I found out I want more salary, less work, and more freedom. But surprisingly, talking with you made me act on it. I started searching for a job, and in less than a month got another job with more salary and fewer working hours. I started investing in stocks, bitcoin,... I started driving… 

    Today I’m happier with my job, have less stress, and not thinking every morning about another fucking day go to work. I’m doing pretty good in my current job, and I feel my efforts are seen. Thank you for all of this. Keep being awesome!
    Sepideh Bahramian, Accountant

  • Moritz helps you get clarity around the big questions and roadblocks between you and your goal. 

    He is awesome at holding space for me and helping me drill down to come up with the insights that motivate me going forward. 

    He sticks to his belief that only I can arrive at that clarity and only by staying on track, drilling down in my thoughts until I see the answer.
    Kevin Conklin, Life coach
  • I worked with Moritz at a time that I was struggling with a lot of fear, anxiety, and confusion. 

    Every session he held space for my pain, my insecurities, and my self-judgments. Every time he helped me shift my energy by finding a new perspective, tapping into my inner peaceful and creative place, loosening up the judgment, and bringing up more fun, welcoming life as IS, inclusively.

    I highly recommend him if you are up for some inner work while moving forward towards your goals.
    Maryam Safa, Business Analyst
  • First of all, I had not a really good idea what coaching was all about. What I did know was that I needed a fresh neutral connection with someone who didn't judge my thoughts and ideas through his or her mind.

    Exactly that's what you bring to the table. A hygienic, fresh, open, and friendly mind to spar with. A mind wIch asks questions from a 'white sterile' zone without any needs or judgments or coloring of any kind. INTERESTED but not of INTEREST!
    Then the only things left are my one realizations to work with. The only steering I felt was the encouragement to do just that.

    Instinctively I felt that this is what coaching is all about and should be all about. The openness to your path of life with examples helps to make it a team effort and not a teacher-student situation.

    As a counselor and therapist, I know that these kinds of connections are needed to have a recalibration of your own internal measuring tools and settings . That's only possible with a coach who is a white canvas to dance on with yourself. Rarely found but Moritz is just that!
    Bart Vanderbruggen, Counselor and therapist

Let's go on a journey

To a place that's already inside of you.

let's talkStempel Moritz Lembert- Guiding you to whats already there - dunkel
Guiding heartful leaders to 
what is already there.
Moritz Lembert 2021 by studio sesenta
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