From doing to being


From dance to coaching.

Moritz Lembert.

I was born in Vienna, Austria, to my loving mother, Anette, and my father, Lorenz. Growing up, I was blessed with a family that supported my every decision and my brother Leon, who remains my best friend to this day. From a young age, I knew that if I wanted something, I would find a way to create it.

It was during a move to the countryside that I discovered my love for bees. Though I didn't like honey, I was fascinated by these hardworking insects, and at the age of 11, I became the youngest official beekeeper in Austria.
But my passion for bees was not the only thing that bloomed during my childhood. I also discovered dance, and it quickly became my calling. I trained for years, honing my skills, flew to Israel to audition for one of the biggest contemporary dance companies in the world. Though I didn't get in, I didn't let that stop me. I became one of a handful of professional dancers in Austria, earning a living through my performances.

In addition to performing, I also dedicated my time to teaching and facilitating dance groups for children, adults, people with disabilities, refugees, and schools. I even became part of a dance company that won awards for the best youth theater in Austria.

But my journey didn't stop there. Through my training, I had an insight into the workings of my mind that turned my understanding of reality upside down and opened me up to exploring coaching. I enrolled in a coaching program, and since then, I have helped countless individuals become leaders, change careers, and find peace and fulfillment in their relationships and lives.
I even founded the first 3 Principles retreat in Austria, The Inner Freedom Retreats, which combines coaching, dance, meditation, and bodywork for a truly unique and transformative experience. I founded the BEing Business Retreat, which has been praised as the best retreat by attendees.

And the cherry on top? I proposed to my fiancé Jae after only four weeks of knowing her, and we are now co-creating the most beautiful business together. Life is a never-ending adventure, and I am excited to see where it takes me next.

Looking in the far

Today I live in Switzerland together with my lovely fiance Jae, and enjoy a deep connection to my family and especially my two brothers.

My private life consists of things like meeting friends, reading, and spending time with my fiance or family. I love to go to the Viennese cafes and watch the dance theater.

I have a special liking for business and personal development, as well as good food and nature. I am perfectly happy in a cooperate office as well as naked, alone in the woods.

My clients are incredible individuals who create miracles through their commitment and their way of being in the world, through their dedication to action. I have worked with doctors, coaches, artists, marketers, web developers, employees, and people in finance, laywers and more.

What I love about my work is that I help people to let die who they think they are and be reborn as what they are. Nothing compares to the feeling of realizing that the story you had was nothing but a story, and in front of you is now a field of Infinite possibility.

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