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I absolutely loved working with Moritz. With his unique alertness, openness, and wisdom he held the space for me every single session, so I could find to my own clarity, insight, and health realization. My approach to my own thinking has changed a lot since we have worked together. And therefore, my backpack has just become a lot lighter.

Marie Speaman

I have no words to accurately describe what BBI is about, you have to be in the room to grasp it.To take full responsibility for my choices without making them right or wrong. There is no shortcut or formula to do it, every choice is made at this very moment, just own it.Thank you Moritz and Ria! And everyone in the program, we created such a beautiful container.

Yangxuan Zhou

The course was so powerful, that I'm still under the effects of changes within myself an surroundings. Creating possibilities and results become so easy that I don't even notice any hardships doing it.Work becomes fun and easy! Thank you Ria Bauhofer and Moritz Lembert!

Jelena Van Wieren