Dom Aurora | Vienna |
19-25th August 2024

Over the course of seven days, you will slow down, do less and reconnect with yourself. Without the noise of your thoughts, you’ll hear the quiet voice of truth whispering to you, that you are innately free, powerful and creative.  

That you are the Universe, uniquely expressed as YOU!

Through guided discussions and group conversations we explore our mind and in movement we explore how much we can let our body do without being in control - letting the natural flow of movement guide us.

We will explore the forest around us, letting it teach us about the principles of life and we will learn tools to simplify, clarify and support us to stay calm, content, and centered.


The beautiful landscape of Kärnten and this carefully constructed retreat centre offers space and inspiration just to be, enjoy, and connect with the wondrous magic of this place.


By looking at ourselves from different angles, we explore where we block ourselves, move towards confidence and allow the intelligence of our mind and body to work uninterrupted.

Meet your hosts


Moritz Lembert

Coach, Dancer, Choreographer & Manual therapist. Today Moritz incorporates his experience with the body and as a creative entrepreneur in his work with individuals and groups around the world.

"I am fascinated by the question: What drives our behaviour and how can we actually make alter it?"  

He has a deep passion for the human mind, how we funktion, and a diverce background in working with people. From 4 years old to 84 he led workshops with indeviduals, groups, CEOs and people under challanging conditions as well as in sports and finance.

Moritz is trained in different forms of Coaching after ICF standarts and other and has worked closly with with a diverse group of mentors and trainers. He is also trained in Dance, Shiatsu, Meditation, and has developed a unqicue way of accsessing the body to increase performance. He dedicates himself to an ongoing process of development.

You can find out more about Moritz , meditation, and different forms of manual therapy. iPEC coaching training program accredited by ICF, including Core Energy Leadership and works with coaches such as: Jachym Jerie, Ankush Jain, Jessie Douglas, Dominic Scaffidi. He dedicates himself to an ongoing process of development.

You can find out more about Moritz here.

Bart Vanderbruggen

Bart is a critical performance coach and a freediver. He is trained in breathwork, yogic principles, and manual therapy from a very young age and worked as a stress coach for big capital players like Coca-Cola, Fujitsu-Siemens & Huntsmann, The European council, Dove, BP, Exxon, Visa.

Today his work as a counsellor touches people in their most critical moments or life-threatening situations.During the retreat, practicing with Bart will bring you in reach of powerful gateways to set free the mind and body.

A gentle but powerful encounter with the release and rewiring mechanics in the brain and nervous system. Physically explore and uncover the hidden obstacles that prohibit the body and mind to use their natural state, their inner freedom to heal and to flow in life.

The critical touch of a fingertip or the breathlessness of a freediving technique, even a good laugh with Bart, will help you to learn how to ‘keep out of the way’ of your inner freedom.