Inner freedom Retreat

Retreat in Dom Aurora, Austria - 3rd - 9th of JULY, 2023

INNER FREEDOM Retreat July 23

An event about you, and your devotion to your own life.

With Moritz Lembert & Bart Vanderbruggen
The event will be held in English. German translation offered.

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iN the fifth edition of the inner freedom retreat, the motto is:


Making space so you can hear the little voice of truth speaking to you the unavoidable realization that you are free, powerful, and creative. That you are life.
Slowing down, doing less, and through that realizing that you have more than you thought you had, that you are closer to be what you aspire to be.

In guided discussions and group conversations we explore our mind, in movement we explore how much we can let our body do without being in control. Letting ourselves be guided by the natural flow of movement.

Exploring the forest around us will teach us about the principles of life. We will learn tools to simplify, clarify and support us to stay calm, content, and centered.

The beautiful landscape of Kärnten and this carefully constructed retreat center offers space and inspiration just to be, enjoy, and connect with the wondrous magic of this place.

By examining ourselves from different angles, we explore where we block ourselves, move towards confidence and allow the intelligence of our mind and body to work undisturbed.

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The place
Dom Aurora is a place built with love and the thought of sustainability in the middle of a forest, far off the noise and speed that many of us are used to. This place invites you to just be, enjoy and connect with nature. The rooms and buildings consist mainly of natural materials like wood and stone. The little lake is inviting you to refresh your soul with a swim, and there is always space to explore the forest around and go for silent walks in nature.

The food
All meals will be prepared by a passionate cook. He carefully collects the ingredients for our food and creates dishes that are healthy and full of love. By choosing organic and mainly locally produced ingredients that are presented in vegetarian and vegan dishes, we aim to be sustainable for our health and the environment.

The program
- 7 days just being
- Daily morning meditation
- Time for yourself
- Movement exploration and dance
- Release and massage techniques
- Guided breathing exercises
- Learning about the 3 principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought
- Walks in the beautiful nature around
- Amazing organic vegetarian/vegan food created by a loving chef
- The company of conscious, open and curious people
- Space to share your experience and learn from each other

The investment includes
Shared room - € 1800,- *

* 20% VAT excluded

The journey:
+ two individual coaching sessions with one of the facilitators+ three live webinars+ exercises to practice & material to study in your own time

The retreat:
+ three organic meals a day (on the day of arrival and departure we have one)+ accommodation+ pick-up service from the closest train station+ daily classes and activities

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Let's dance together, the dance of creation.


Let's dance together, the dance of creation.

You are a creator.

Let us explore the depth of yourself to find what you already know and bring it to life. To create what you really want to create.

Let's Have a conversation


Let them do the talking

Got Questions?

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Is the travel cost included in the fee?

No, the travel cost is not included in the fee. Everything else is though!
We also offer to pick you up from the closest train station or, for a little extra fee, we organize you to be picked up from Vienna and brought back to.

Do I need to have any experience with meditation or movement practice?

No you don't. We are accustomed to work with any level of experience and this retreat is not about learning technique, it's about understanding principles. For that you need no special experience at all!

What are we going to do there exactly?

There is no exactly and we are not doing there. We are about to experience a shift from doing into being. Unlearning instead of adding, allowing instead of forcing. This retreat is an experience designed for the people that come and for the moment that is created.

Is there Wifi at the center?

Yes there is, however we ask our participants to leave their phone and electrical devices off or even give them to us. In our experience you will get 10 times the value if you decide to fully be present. Not being on your phone makes that a lot easier.

How can I book?

Get in touch through my contact page.

How can I figure out more?

You can always get in contact with Moritz, Bart or Ine via our social media profile, on the website or through

meet your Hosts

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Moritz Lembert

Born in Vienna, Austria

3 Principle Coach, Dancer, Choreographer, Manual therapist.
Coming from the world of art and expression, he danced and created theater productions, traveled Europe as part of a team organizing and facilitating workshops and retreats on movement.

At a young age, Moritz discovered the field of art, personal development, and psychology, which help him to move with people through the uncertainties and challenges that life brings, and despite them staying present and joyful within yourself.

Today Moritz incorporates his experience as an artist and creative entrepreneur in his work with individuals, and groups, sharing his work in seminars/ retreats around the world.

Moritz is trained in Shiatsu, Dance, Meditation, and different forms of manual therapy. iPEC Coaching Training Program accredited by ICF, including Core Energy Leadership and works with coaches such as: Jachym Jerie, Ankush Jain, Jessie Douglas, Dominic Scaffidi.

He dedicates himself to an ongoing process of development.

Bart Vanderbruggen

Born and raised in Belgium

is a critical performance coach and a freediver. Bart is trained in breathwork, yogic principles, and manual therapy from a very young age. He worked as a stress coach for big capital players like Coca-Cola, Fujitsu-Siemens & Huntsmann, The European council, Dove, BP, Exxon, Visa. Today his work as a counselor touches people in their most critical moments or life-threatening situations.

During the retreat, practicing with Bart will bring you in reach of powerful gateways to set free the mind and body. A gentle but powerful encounter with the release and rewiring mechanics in the brain and nervous system.

Physically explore and uncover the hidden obstacles that prohibit the body and mind to use their natural state, their inner freedom to heal and to flow in life.

The critical touch of a fingertip or the breathlessness of a freediving technique, even a good laugh with Bart will help you to learn how to ‘keep out of the way’ of your inner freedom.

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Our mind never knows what needs to be done.


If you feel it, don't hesitate.

Let's have a conversation and hear what your heart wants to speak, your ambitions to sing and your whole being to dance. To enter the space of being. Where life becomes effortless. You are the creator of this life. And you can lead this creation with heart, devotion and commitment. A commitment that transents all effort. Feel free to get in touch with me with your questions!

You already are what you seek. This much is promised.

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