Why Your Word Matters

May 22, 2024

What do you think of bobby? He is incompetent. I reply to my colleague.His boss speaks with him. What do you think about bobby? He is incompetent, my colleague replies. Boss starts looking at Bobby; differently; he is starting to look for incompetence.

What do you think about Bobby? I think Bobby is a fine man who needs some help getting things in line, as he seems to struggle to organize. Boss speaks with him. What do you think about Bobby? I think Bobby is a fine man; he would just need some help, maybe around organizing. Boss asks for Bobby and has a conversation about what Bobby would need help with.

Our words can make and break things.

We can make people in the eyes of others, and we can break them in the eyes of others.My word can be something you count on or something nobody trusts.

She said she would do it until tomorrow. Yea, but it's Jessica; you know she never does what she says.

What about your project Tommy? I am not sure about the project, things are hard, and nobody is willing to help.What about the project Tommy? I am still on it; it's challenging, especially doing it alone, so I keep looking for people to partner with. Do you know anyone?

Not only can we break or make other people in the eyes of others, but we can also do the same with ourselves. We can speak ourselves into misery or talk ourselves into self-empowerment and love.

I used to use my word to engage in all kinds of conversations; I would happily jump into gossip or would speak weakly about myself. I would say things like Yea, I am not good at that; thanks for the compliment, but you know how bad I am at this.

Our speaking makes our world, what we think, say, and write.

It is far too powerful to let all my old habits of speaking from school dictate how I am communicating today.

Using the power of my word comes from seeing the power and impact of my word.

It is not a practice of make-believe. It is a practice of becoming conscious of your impact and bringing wisdom into focus.

The power of my word comes from seeing and being my word.

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