How to Gain Back The Power of Your Life

May 22, 2024

This week, my fiance and I took a bus to Budapest.

I had organized a Valentine's Day surprise to take her on a ride to a city she hadn't seen.

Leading up to this trip, I had all sorts of conversations. The first one I had was after a look at my calendar, and it told me that I would not be able to do anything for Valentine's Day.

"You have work every day; I guess you could maybe organize nice food for home?" was one of the first thoughts that I came up with. Not a lot of possibility there.

As I was listening to the impossibility that my mind created, I also listened to the music I had started playing on my computer. Extrawelt, our favourite techno duo.

"I wonder where they play next?" I looked at their site; I found the location. Budapest.

It's a 3-hour drive from Vienna. Could I make this work? We could go right after work... I looked up buses and I found one that was booked.

In 5 minutes, I had bought tickets for our favourite techno duo, an Airbnb was booked and the bus trip too.

Now, I am writing this newsletter from an Airbnb in Budapest, ready to explore the city and still able to see clients in the afternoon.

You might ask yourself now, "But what does that have to do with my business?"


How many times are we stopped by a world of considerations, reasons, good, smart, rational points to not take action, to not move fast, to not create intention into reality?

You think about calling someone up, but then...

You have a great idea for your business, but...

You have the thought of taking this trip yet later, which is also good.

Cutting down the time it takes between idea and action leaves you empowered. In the time someone else is analyzing their moves, you already have 40 iterations of the real experience from taking action.

We often think that being reasonable is a virtue and that taking time for decisions is smart, yet your smartness and reason are built on what you already know, not on doing the thing and doing the thing often. Action can break through reasons, and it does.

My reasoning for why it was a bad idea, what would be difficult, and so on turned out not to hold against the now-taken choice of simply booking the bus and going.

We had an incredible evening yesterday and on my ride over, I could organize some work, have great conversations about the power of language with Jae (my fiance) and end up in a sweet, beautiful Airbnb.

It is incredible what becomes available if you choose to live your life powerfully, meaning that you live your life through taking action.

Where are you reasoning yourself powerless?

Where is power missing in your life?

Where could you benefit from choosing to be a person of power?

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