Who Are You Being In Your Business?

May 22, 2024

I had a meeting with a potential business partner. She wanted to discuss the possibility of us working together. She proposed that I create a project with her; it could lead to lots of business for both of us. I listened to her. After a while, she said, "You don't seem excited about the project." I said, "I am excited about the project, yet I have a question mark about how you are showing up."

"Why?" I asked her if she would be open to some feedback. She said yes. I told her that, in my experience, she hadn't been her word in our interactions. I had been speaking with her about two different projects already, and she said great, let's do it, but then no action followed up; she delayed meetings and didn't come back at our agreed time. I told her openly that who she was being prior to our meeting did not make me wanna jump head-first into this opportunity. I told her that how she was showing up was not who I knew her to be, yet she created results she might not want to create by staying unaware of that.

I had another conversation with a coach. He wanted to fill his coaching practice. He shared how he struggles to find the right clients. The people he worked with turned out to be not what he expected, and he wanted to fire them after 3 or 4 sessions. We looked at who he was being. He saw that he was someone with expectations instead of service first; he was taking what clients shared with him personally and making it all about him. By seeing that, he made a shift into service. His clients now are dream clients, and they are the same clients.

I talked to my coach about creating impact and clients. He replied, everyone is creating impact; what about instead, you focus on how to make what you do the best thing anyone gets for the amount of money they pay? Be the one that massively over-delivers, so it is a no-brainer for people to join. How about you being the person who creates a retreat that is worth 2,3, or 10 times what people pay for it? How about you create so much value that they can't ignore you?

Whatever people gonna pay for this program, it will be ten times less than what they get.

Who are YOU being when it comes to your life and business?

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