When Will It Be Ok For You To Be Yourself?

May 22, 2024

That question hit me differently this time.

Most of the time, when I read or hear something like this question, I believe it refers to an image I have about myself, as in what many people I talk to present to me. I am like this; I am like that; I want this, I want that. And I can't help but feel that there is something that doesn't quite fit. It seems to be coming from a superficial place.

A place of needing to be someone, needing to have something, Wanting power to not feel powerless, fame to not feel a sense of lostness, money to not feel out of control, and knowledge to not feel dumb.

And more often than not, I feel this is somehow packed into this being myself statement. An influencer filming themselves talking about how just being themselves has led to them owning this beautiful house, and while they speak into the camera, I get this sense of inauthenticity about it.

Don't get me wrong. I do see that both could correlate, and this is not a post about judging anyone's way. This is simple to set the context to understand how this question hit me differently this time.

When Ria, my mentor, asked me this question, it referred to the self in terms of the self-projected image I want people to have of me, nor to any made-up story I created to make life work for me.

It was received in a space in which there was a recognition of the inauthenticities playing in my life, the attempts to be more, better, enough, liked, smart, and different.

The games I play that keep me from just being myself as I am.

As this possibility is what I am committed to, fewer games make sense, and more of the pretentious nature of my mind is surfaced.

As I keep learning, being authentic is not being perfect but authentic about where I am inauthentic.

Something this space of growth and bigger possibilities can sometimes seem to lack.

What would happen if you were ok to be yourself?

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