What Personal Development is Really About

May 22, 2024

Personal development describes the possibility of a person developing. Other than many models in psychology, which have assumed fixed elements of a person (it's all genes), personal development works on the premise of a person actually developing and the personality, therefore being fluid. A thing that changes and is changeable.

Yet most of the time, we run around as if we were a fixed thing, assuming that if I can't do something, this means I am not a do-something person (aka fixed personality).

When I went into the world of personal development, I assumed that I had certain character traits that were just given and that I had to figure out how to "deal with them."

That turned out to be completely false.

I had conditioning (my parents, environment, society), which felt very fixed, and had me look out to Life in a certain way which confirmed my views and made them seem even more fixed.

It was not until I had an insight that I saw how all I had believed about myself was simply that, a belief. And there was nothing fixed about me.Hard to comprehend at first, but boy, was that freeing!

To me, personal development is simple. It is the development of a person who functions in a way in Life that makes Life joyful, successful, and worth living.

If that isn't your experience or you find that you get stuck over and over again in certain areas in Life, consider that there is something about the person you created (or that was created by outside influences) which, from the lens of personal development, you can change.

This is a hopeful outlook on Life which I found to be highly effective in living joyfully and successfully.

AT your service,

P.S.One of the books on that matter that I found to be illustrating the power of changing a personality best is the book called "Reinventing Yourself" by Steve Chandler.

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