Trying to Be Someone I Am Not!

May 22, 2024

Just be you!

Ever heard that?

What is meant by that? The me that is grumpy at night? The me that tries to impress someone? Or the me that is secure and confident?

Yes, yes, that's me!

Cool. Let's be that me all the time…

Wanna know how?

Just kidding.

You and I have a confusion. It's the kind of confusion that the cuckoo undergoes in the beginning of its life. It sits in a nest with its newly found friends which are all these other birds, and mistakenly he believes he is one of them too, just to find out later in his life that he never was any of the birds he grew up with, he was something else all along.

The difference to the cuckoo is that when we discover that we aren't who we believe to be, we get that everyone else isn't that either. Everyone is playing the cuckoo game. They play 'as if.'

We are all actors, yet different from the actors, we don't see that we are playing a role.  The confusion we have is that we start to believe the character we play in life and end up getting stuck with it. People say things like, just be you, be yourself, be authentic, yet what they often mean is, "Can you please play the character as I know him?"

We create our character based on an agreement with others, being liked, getting along, and creating results.

But if we look for ourselves, we can get terribly lost in that direction.

We try to see what it is about us that is the 'real me.'

Then, we determine some traits and go on protecting who we are.

Yet we don't need to defend our character, nor do we need to get out of it.

We are free to play it or choose a different one.

Staying your character has consequences; choosing a new one has consequences. Like in any game, the character you choose to play with has different abilities and different shortcomings. But the game is much more fun when you have chosen your character instead of feeling you wound up with the wrong one.

You are free to choose how to play the game of life and the game of business, and you are free to choose the character you play with.

Any talk about being you or not being you is simply a statement of the ability to relate to you, which is mostly determined by how people have chosen to see you.

That does not have to define you and if you choose to recreate yourself, be prepared that at first you might see confusion, resistance or people telling you that you aren't who you were, you are not the same and where is the old you?

Give them time to understand that the old you is dead and that the new you will stay. When they get this, they will start to agree with the new character until you choose anew ;-)

A great movie that illustrates how formable we are and that we aren't the characters we play is the movie Jim & Andy. I recommend you watch it.

And in the end, maybe the real you is the space in which the character occurs... something to ponder.

Creating games worth playing and mastering the art of living is what we stand for in our new community

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