Never Again Blaming Others For Your Results

May 22, 2024

How you see yourself and how you see the world creates the results you get.

As the well-known coach Steve Hardison (the ultimate coach) says so clearly:

“What creates desired outcomes in the world is action” It is the most important ingredient in creating in the world. The most? Yes and no.

Our actions are a direct result of how we see ourselves and how we see the world.

If I see myself as a struggling professional, I will take the actions of a struggling professional. If I believe I am bad at talking to people, I will experience talking to people as difficult; If I see myself as bad at sales, I will have issues selling. Most people would if they want to change that, go to someone to work on speaking, selling, or communication. Yet not on how they see themselves or their clients.

I was talking to a client of mine; she talked about how she is just insecure in

speaking English, she can't do it well, she has difficulty expressing herself, and so forth. That is just how I am.” She said in the way she spoke. As I was pointing out that I could understand her exceptionally well and reflected back to her

everything she had told me, I could see how something shifted. She suddenly saw that she wasn't a bad English speaker anymore. Since then, she has read over 4 English books and listened to 10h of training videos in under eight weeks' time.

Something she wouldn't have done if she would still see herself as the bad English speaker she never was.

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