The Power of Your Imagination

May 22, 2024

Four years ago, I wrote in a document, the life I wanted to create.

The title was "Five years from now."

I answered nine questions, and my answers to these have guided me through the last four years.

It was the question to how will my life look like five years from now?

I wrote the answers in a document and revisited it from time to time, sometimes letting it be for more than one year. Every time I picked it up again, I could cross something else off the list.

Here were the questions I asked:

1 What do my work and finances look like, feel like? What's my income?

2 Environment: Where do I live? How do I live? With whom do I live?

3 My romantic relationship, how does it look, how does it feel, who am I for the woman I am with, who is she for me?

4 Friendship: How are my friendships and social life?

5 Family: What is my relationship with my family like? How are we with each other?

6 What is my personal development? Qualities I developed? Skills I learned?

7 How do I feel every day? How is my body? My health? My fitness?

8 What do I give back?

9 What is my purpose?

Even though I stayed skeptical with my answers, with this exercise, with its use, if things would work or not, I kept the document with my answers.

Four years Later, some of my answers would be different, and many of them are the same, and I am experiencing what I had written down right now.

Here is one thing I wrote down four years ago: "I live in a house in a beautiful environment surrounded by trees and nature together with my wife and a group of friends. We have a little river flowing through our ground and spring with drinkable water. Our house has a guest room 1 child room and a bedroom. We also have a meditation room as a room for physical practice. My office is on the top floor and has windows in all directions. I see the trees and nature around me while I work. We have a seminar room in an extra building where we can host retreats and events. I do have a workshop where I can build with wood and work on my bikes. We have this ground together with a handful of people that are matching our way of being and the spirit of community. We have room in an extra house to host up to 15 people."

Now for context, my soon-to-be wife (our wedding is in three months) and I have just agreed to take over a retreat center where every point on that piece of writing is matched. The only difference is that we can host 30 people, not 15 and that we have two seminar rooms, not one.

Before I invite you to do this exercise yourself, here is what I want you to consider.

Although, things have happened; everything on this list happened totally differently than I had planned; I thought it would happen, and most of the time, I wasn't even thinking about that list.

It was something I came back to, clarified, looked at and then, forgot and allowed life to be as it was. I haven't used this exercise often in my work, as many people dont dare to ask for what they want and start to compare what is with their list, which doesn't make you happy.

I invite you to treat your list more like a fun game, playing like, 'I wonder when this will be?,' when you look at an item on your list.

Don't get trapped into working hard to make it happen; only if you are inspired to do so.

Ask yourself what would be absolutely fantastic. What would I love to experience in this area? What would be a full expression of me without any limitations?

When you come from this place, this exercise can be fun and powerful.

Below is the link to a video I have made, to give more context for the exercise and share my experience with it.

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