The difference between intention and commitment

February 2, 2023

I love to do it, but I have no time. I will do it, then.

I have this great idea for my business, yet it's not ready to be out yet. I am waiting for a new inside, inspiration, feeling, a light in the sky to tell me it's time to continue.

Most people have intentions. Intentions are great! I have intentions.

Intentions are possible directions to take. I intended many things in my life. Many of them were never realized.  I had to learn that without commitment, intentions don't move things.

If I have the intention to do something, I intend to do it. That's it. You and I know people (like myself) that do not follow up on their intentions. I would love to start training again! I intend to do it next week! I will create this new course! I intend to do it! I will become a great professional! I intend to!

I was confusing many of my intentions with commitments. I thought by intending something; I would be soo much closer to getting it done, being it, starting it. Yet intention alone is not created without action, and action is created by commitment.

My coach Ankush likes to give a great example to illustrate commitment: “commitment is what you do to ensure you catch a flight.” You don't just hope that you'll wake up the next day at 5 in the morning. You actually put an alarm, maybe 2 or 3, in order to make sure you will get up on time.” “If you miss your flight once, you do not hope that next time you just don't do it. You will create a better system to help you catch the flight next time”. This is commitment. Saying yes to a possibility continuously until it is created.

What are you committed to?

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