Sometimes You Fall Flat On Your Face!

May 22, 2024

This month has been an incredible month, and I had many moments falling flat on my face.

We started out the month by running an event that was a great success. The Being Business Intensive had a real impact on people's lives and it was an absolute pleasure running it.

Now, social media might portray a picture of everything always running smoothly, yet in the back of it, it has not.

We had to deal with fewer signups than expected for our follow-on program; I messed up my calendar, overestimated the work I would get done, and had to deal with sudden costs, me being out of integrity and others being out of integrity.

You could say that since the high, I had a few days that didn't feel great, yet I wouldn't dare to say they weren't.

In taking on the stand to be a person of integrity, to be committed to my word, to stand for what I stand for with the work I do, it is to be expected to have moments of breaking down; things messed up, and a real mess.

I mean, I am up for stuff in this lifetime, aren't you?

And every time we are up for something bigger than getting out of bed and drinking 3 litres of water, we will create messes.

What I came to see is that in every mess, there is opportunity. Or how Ria (my mentor and co-leader of the Being Business Program) said on our call yesterday: "In a mess, there is the potential for creativity."

And what's there too is to see what it is that pulls you out of being your word, in integrity, self expressed and alive... What is causing the breakdown, and can you create from that, too?

Being clear on these things comes from having created messes and dealing with them. And in being clear about them, I now have a choice to have them run me or me choose what I am to be and do.

When you mess up, there is something to discover and see, and if you would see it, it could make a real difference.

Messing up is what will happen if you are up for anything big in life; let's deal with it.

And the first step in dealing with it is to acknowledge that you fell on your face and created a mess...

Dealing with it, is what we are going to do at our next business intensive in Amsterdam, where we get clear on what it is we want to create and also what is pulling us back and back again, never fully stepping into the possibility we see for our life and business.  

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