Perfection is the Killer of Your Dreams!

May 22, 2024

In my coaching, I deal alot with perfection.


Because I am dealing with humans.

And we like to use perfection as an excuse for inaction and to disempower ourselves.

We use it to be safe, and rather suffer the self righteous, critical, deluded lens of perfection than to actually step out and step in.

We then turn any great goal, dream, or attempt to make a difference into a game of being perfect and without failure.

The problem with that? It guarantees failure in what we actually want.

There is no faster way of learning how to drive a car (an example of my own life as I just got my driver's license, yes this year!), than to actually drive the car.

Now, when driving the car for the first time, will I make mistakes?


Will I possibly encounter danger?


Could I damage the car?


Is there a better way to learn how to drive?


That's the risk of doing anything. If you don't want any rejections, don't ask. It's a proven system. It's also a proven system for never getting a yes.

This month alone, I made many mistakes.

  • I misspelled words on social media and my website and put them online.
  • I messed up an appointment
  • I had 52 people signed up for a webinar and of those, one came in for 3 seconds.
  • I sent more than 200 messages and got 10 responses.
  • I recorded a video and forgot to put the microphone on.

And the list goes on and on.

I failed a lot this month.

And here is the beauty. As I failed, I learned. I learned about webinars, community, expectations, posting, and more.

It is in being in the game that we actually create results, and results , no matter if desired or undisired, create performance and ultimatly the reuslts we are after.

Being perfect doesn't. It doesn't allow for that kind of learning. It only allows for becoming a little scared, frantic ego which is busy upholding an image of results rather than getting results.

It's not worth keeping if you ask me.

Drop the being perfect and start embracing the messy reality of being an entrepreneur. That is where the game is played.  Embracing the messy reality of being an entrepreneur around client creation.

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