How To Create Systems And Best Use Them

May 22, 2024

I hated systems, and so did one of my clients. She refused the idea of having a system because of the limiting effect it has. I could so relate. For a long time, I thought structures and systems were a limit. I thought having a system would lead me to be bound by my own work.

That was before I saw systems as neutral.

I would think:

Why have a system? I don't like systems... I am a free-flow bird!

That's ok. Be a free-flow bird! Yet if you want to create a sustainable business, you will have a system. Systems are moldable, creative, changeable, and, if made by you, perfect for you.

Before seeing systems as neutral, I would rely on my energy, motivation, and inspiration to create clients or not. I had periods where I would run like crazy, filling my practice in a go, and then I did not feel like it. Something that didn't work, or just a change of mood, would make me think a lot about my business again “is this right? Am I doing it right?” “Maybe I am not a good coach?” “maybe my product is bad?” and much more like this.

A lack of awareness on my side about me actually having a system made it impossible for me to look at it, change what I didn't like about it, and see if it would work better this way.

If you want to cool food, buy a fridge, if you want to run a sustainable and fulfilling business, create your system.

Today having a system allows me to see what is happening, to know if I followed up with someone, and to reduce my work to the essential if I am having a day where I just can't do shit.

Learning how to best use systems is possible by removing the misunderstandings we have around them.

I am continuously improving my system to fit my current wants and needs, and my clients do the same.

What is your system? (even not having a system to store, for example, client information is a system, I put all my notes in the corner of my room was mine for a long time.)

What would becoming more aware of your current system add to your ability to improve it?

This is one of the topics of the upcoming BEING BUSINESS RETREAT.

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