How do you get the most out of learning anything?

Look for implementation, not Information.  Implementation leads to transformation.

If you would take one thing you learned from the previous posts and apply it to your business and life, this alone can change everything! Taking the inside I had a round Systems helped me to create a system for my work that has me really enjoy doing the administrative stuff around it (at least most of it), where before I would have great resistance. I have seen this over and over in my own life and in the lives of people I work with. One conversation on a piece of information can transform our whole world. Yet it does not matter when it stays in your notebook, or book, ready for you to be reviewed.  

This is why I am more and more focusing on applying learnings in the moment.

This is how you get the most out of learning anything.

How to get the most out of learning anything?

Take one thing you learned by reading this text and think about what actions you could take on that. Then do it. Transform.

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Ideal for service-based businesses and a good fit for coaches, consultants, therapists, and massage practitioners.  Learning the principles of service, systems, and commitment, to create a thriving client creation process.

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4 month online program together with a business retreat
Deepest transformation for you and your business together with highly committed and successful business owners who want to play a bigger game. Who you are now will not come out on the other side. Business is going to fly.

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A two-month online program together with a retreat at the end
The inner freedom retreats are a combination of movement practice, dance, coaching and exploration of the principles of mind and nature. We are already free; we just think we are not.

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