Why You Don't Get What You Want

May 30, 2024

Do you want the thing or do you just want the idea of the thing?

In my time as a professional dancer, I remember a couple of occasions in which people came up to me after seeing me perform on stage.

They would say something like "I loved seeing the show, I also like to dance and I would love to be a dancer one day!"

Or parents who would tell me about their children and how they loved dancing and will be a dancer too!

I loved it when people were enthusiastic about dance, and usually I didn't give any validity to remarks like this.


Because many people would tell me that they would love to be a dancer, yet very few love what it takes to be a dancer.

To be a dancer, you need to be willing to train one move hours on end, go to rehearsal with muscle pain and do the moves again, you need to spend time indoors on weekends when all your friends are out and about and play the shows in the theatres.

You need to move a lot, train a lot, dance a lot, also on days when you don't feel like doing it.

Being a professional dancer is very different from the reality of someone who likes dance, being a hobby dancer. It is a world of difference.

Many people like dance; many people say they would like to be a dancer, and very few are willing to get up every day to spend moving 6-8h for 2-6 months to than have 6 performances and go on to the next project.

I worked with many solopreneurs and small business owners, and the reality I often find is this: they do what they like doing, but they don't do what the businesses would need them to do.

They have a story about reaching out to people, spending time refining their product, getting out there, being on social media, sharing their work, and facing the reality that they aren't as good as they think they are.

They would rather hide behind the idea of their business than confront the reality of their business.

The trait I see in the people who do succeed is this: willingness to face reality and to do the work. It is the path forward that ensures that you'll develop a product that actually is any good.

We want to skip to making money fast, getting famous fast, and having a relationship fast.  We don't like to wait. We like to be rewarded NOW!

We create delusion to protect our fragile ego not to face that we might not have a great product, not be fit, not know how it works, and instead of using this realisation to improve our work, we do what we to do to develop our ideas, communication, and business, we buy the next course that promises a fast and easy path to absolute success.

"The fast track is the slow track, and the slow track is the only track."

The earlier we confront reality, work with what is in front of us, accept that we suck, and do the work to suck a bit less, the faster we create the business we dreamed of.

Do you want the thing, or do you just want the idea of the thing?

What is the work you are avoiding?

What is the story you use to justify your lack of progress?

What is the story you use to stay out of action instead of working on the things that need work?

Answering these questions will be a step towards increasing the value of your business, your service, and your product.

Direct and no-bullshit truth is what you'll find in our upcoming mastermind. It is for the people who are wiling to do the work.

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