Distinctions Are The Backbone Of Personal Power

May 22, 2024

If you can't distinguish what works from what doesn't, what is from what isn't, you live your life in a collapsed state between fantasy and reality.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the power of distinctions and the disempowerment of superstitions.

One makes you effective in the world; the other lets you lose your ability to affect the world.

Distinguishing is your ability to see a difference between two things. Before something is distinguished, you don’t see a difference and therefore can't choose what to do with it.

When I was working as a dancer, I would sometimes watch videos of other dancers performing a move and try to learn it. I can remember that I had no idea how to do that the first time. I saw the movie, and it somehow made sense, but as I later found out, I made all sorts of false assumptions about how the move worked.

I didn't have the ability to see clearly what the other dancer did.

Now, when that happens, we tend to make all sorts of assumptions about how something works. This happens automatically. We want to know and start theorizing.

This is natural, and no problem at all. And it can become a problem if we then never get to question again if what we assume really is true.

When people thought that the world was flat, you could say it didn't have too much consequence for everyday life, even though if you were a sailor, it would be because you assumed that you would fall off the earth at one point. So you might never travel far out, missing the OPPORTUNITY to DISCOVER what's beyond the horizon.

When it comes to building a business, we, like the sailor, travel far out in an unknown sea, not knowing what we don’t know and what's beyond the horizon.

We then listen to people who have travelled the sea of business before, hoping that what they tell us is how it really looks like, but oftentimes they travelled a different sea, travelled when there were no storms, travelled with a different boat, and made false assumptions themselves.

We want to be able just to trust and not have to think for ourselves, thereby risking our own development and critical thinking skills.

We fall for the superstitions of the world.

You have to work hard!

If you aren't on X platform, it won't work.

Adds are the only way.

Adds don’t work.

You must have x conversations before anyone signs up.

You must make YouTube videos.

You can do it in 3 months.

You will take 3 years.

And so many more.

It's not that they might not work for a while, but ultimately, all superstitions become limitations, and they all are.

There are cultural superstitions, and there are community, family, friends, and personal ones.

The one who will create the desired results is the one who sees with the most accuracy how things work.

How to spot superstitions?

Have a look at where in your life you aren't getting the results that you seek.  I would start there.

A powerful way to spot superstitions is by getting together with others who are doing the same work and tonight is a great opportunity to do just that!

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