The Freedom of Creating From Nothing

May 22, 2024

I was speaking to a colleague; she is a very well-established psychotherapist. She told me that she wanted to transition into coaching. I was getting curious; why would you want to do that? She told me that many of the coaching programs she knew were more attractive than what you could create in psychotherapy, and she wanted to break out of that. She was coming from what she thought about the profession she was in, her history, and her assumptions.

In our conversation, she moved to see entirely different possibilities, and in the end, she didn't even think she had to leave her profession. She saw she could create programs no one had ever created within her field of therapy.

A client of mine shared about her wanting to change her clients to product-based businesses. She told me how she had to do a rebranding and other things she thought she would need to be doing. I asked her what would happen if she would just start sharing that she would like to work with those customers. She saw new possibilities. She created two new clients in 1 week.

When you create from nothing, you are not limited by what you think happened before.

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