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Struggling to bridge 
being a leader 
with your inner world?

You have read a lot, done a lot, learned a lot and still things don't change as you would hope? 
You made it far, but you haven't really brought out what your heart wants to give to the world?

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 about Moritz

 Coach, Teacher, Facilitator.

I worked in different fields, from dance to coaching, from massage to teaching people about freeing thier bodies. I have a deep passion for what moves humans, how we as humans can create, and how one can transform, both phisicaly as well as mentally.

I am deeply moved by people stepping into the power to create life and letting go of what is limiting to them.

I have undergone incredible transformations myself and wittnes daily other people transform as they realize what they are and what they can do.

I love what I do, I love to learn, and I love the glimps in the eyes of my clients when they step into the ralm of possibility and create what they love.

I have dedicated most of my time today to work with indeviduals as a coach and organise retreats and workshops where we explore the principles that create human experience.

I continue my own development as I am striving to be the best coach and teacher I can be.

This life is a gift, and I am commited to treat it with love, devotion and gratitue.

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A little moment, a new thought, easy to miss but I didn't. I saw and felt it.

The thought that accured to me after being in a hole for months was "what I feel comes from what I think". I knew this changed everything, but I had no idea how much it would.

From that moment on I knew I wanted to get a better understanding about what was going on in my head, the permanent chatter of thoughts passing through and my ability to believe some of them, but dismiss others. 

Through meditation and working with a coach I would find my way out of my previous state of mind, into a new one. 

I felt alive. In fact, I felt as alive as I did when I was a kid. 

I continued working with another coach, too.  We had started the process with the goal of finding a new position in my work, but moved to what I really wanted from my life really fast. What changed within me was so powerful, that 3 sessions in I was starting to ask her about coaching. 

It was so fascinating to me and I knew I wanted to know more. It was so powerful that I wanted to learn how to coach. 

The shift, as I understood later, was to go from doing to being. 

I realized that I was always being, I always was. No matter what my mind would ruminate on, no matter what questions I was trying to answer. There was a part of me that didn't need answers, a part of me that was present with me all through what I went through. 

And that part was free, loving, devoted and didn't judge. It was like a part that knew that I was whole all the time. I had just been too busy to notice.

Today I can thankfully say that it is my mission to guide heartful leaders, just like you, to that inner place, too. Because you know this place already. Let's start from there.

Let's have a conversation and hear what your heart wants to speak, your ambitions to sing and your whole being to dance. To enter the space of being. Where life becomes effortless. You are the creator of this life. And you can lead this creation with heart, devotion and commitment. A commitment that transents all afford. 

You already are what you seek. This much is promised.

But our heart knows.

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Convinced that

Living the life you dream of is possible.

I am an open person by nature. As a kid I remember that I often wouldn't agree with things I heard about how life is. "Work is hard.", "You can't always get what you want.", "In life you have to do things you don't like." Sounds familiar?

I felt that I strongly disagreed and looking back now, I stayed true to my conviction that life can be fun, exciting and I can do only things I want to do.

This conviction and my childlike curiosity led me to explore a rather unconventional path to the place I am finding myself today. 

From dancing and performing, to bodywork and chinese medicine into coaching and the exploration of self, it was a colorful journey, full of pleasure and pains, yet mainly I am here with an open heart and a smile on my face.

This is what I wish for you, too.
More about the coaching

Let's go on a journey.

To a place that's already inside of you.

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Guiding heartful leaders to 
what is already there.
Moritz Lembert 2021 by studio sesenta
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