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Think for yourself

To all the followers out there (including myself).

Think for yourself 🙏

There might be wise people out there, knowledgeable people, smart and experienced ones.

But please think for yourself.We have lots of smart people in positions with huge responsibility, yet you don't need to be genius to understand that many things we do today are all but sensible.

Take back your power. Own your wisdom.

Speak your truth, not the truth you heard 6000 times repeated to you.

I see so much potential in our common sense. Own it!

I would be so curios to see what would happen when we start to take back responsibility for what we know, see and think.I wanna hear you!

There are so many so called "normal people" I know that could teach us all about humility, love, community, responsibility and leadership. And there are so many called "great leaders" That are yet to learn those trades. Follow yourself. You are wiser than you think.

Much love,Moritz

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