Moritz Lembert + Coaching lang hell

For what?

O little one, now you say you want, dearly holding on to it.

No sight beyond your hands in the search for certainty.

As you go from thing to thing, thought to thought, moment to moment you search for it.

Creating new and new questions to ask.

"For what?" "To know!"

"For what?" "To understand!"

"For what? ""To be certain."

"What for?""To be saved!"

"You can stop now. Certainty will never come."

"You will die, your body decay, your thoughts slow down, the end of your relationships will come one way or another"

"But"... "No, it's not save. It won't be!"

"But then it means that I?"

"Yes, you can stop searching"

"But what shall I do instead?"

"The only thing left to do is to notice and appreciate what is"

Give your mind the job it's intended to have, not the one that makes minds miserable.

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what is already there.
Moritz Lembert 2021 by studio sesenta
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