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Inner Freedom Retreat
3rd of September - 10th of September, 2022 -  Kärnten, Austria
Making space so you can hear the little voice of truth speaking to you the unavoidable realization that you are free, powerful, and creative. That you are life. 

Slowing down, doing less, and through that realizing that you have more than you thought you had, that you are closer to be what you aspire to be.

In guided meditations and breathwork, we will observe our mind, in movement we explore how much we can let our bodies do without us controlling. Letting the natural flow of movement guide us. We will learn tools to simplify, get clear and support us to stay calm, content, and centered. The beautiful landscape of Kärnten and this carefully constructed retreat center offers space and inspiration just to be, enjoy yourself, and connect with the wonderful magic of this place.
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LET'S GOStempel Moritz Lembert- Guiding you to whats already there - dunkel
Guiding heartful leaders to 
what is already there.
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