Client creation program

“Write down 10 things you would do in your life if you had absolutely no fear. Then pick one of them and do it.”


aN 8 week Online Group Experience.

Client creation Program.

Ideal for service-based businesses and a good fit for coaches, consultants, therapists, and massage practitioners.  Learning the principles of service, systems, and commitment, to create a thriving client creation process.

- 4 group sessions
- Material to study in your own time
- 2 indevidual coaching sessions
- other people to learn with and from


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CLIENt`s shre


"I really felt what the possibility could be if the mind were empty from future considerations."

Letter to my coach: Yesterday we had a meeting, I realized that my head was ‘full of future considerations’, even while I was speaking to you.My fears and tensions emerged from that: Thinking about how it was going to be, thinking about how to get it done, trying to feel how it would feel, trying to close the gap between now and how I want it to be, trying to create solutions for ‘if it’s going to grow too big, trying to create the construction, so it is functional even when it is big later (big as in a lot of people use my product),… and on and on.Resulting in me feeling uncomfortable, speeding thoughts, fears coming up, and stress building up.Ok, not connecting my stress to my kids or my partner is an exercise I can handle, but that doesn’t solve the background tensions and fears about my near and far away future performances.

I even do it while doing yoga or freediving underwater: my mind wanders off, and my bodily sensations even trigger future considerations like ‘ok, here is the end of my breath hold, know the end is coming, how much more do I need to practice, …’Then it struck me; the word is ‘empty focus. EMPTY because there is no thought, no action in my mind, no connection with future considerations whatsoever.

FOCUS because it’s an exercise in focusing. It’s an exercise to catch the consideration and thoughts about the future before they take solid form in my head and jumpstart a chemical train in my body. The mind (and so the body) becomes completely available for what you are doing right now. Without fear, stress, pulling, and pushing. Pure joy in what you are doing now. Being completely available means more time, more possibility, and more joy. But I’m careful: this previous sentence has the potential of building immediate future considerations like: do I have enough joy? What does it feel like? Hmm, is this more performance? What would it look like when I keep doing this for an hour…It is going to be an exercise to ‘be with what I’m doing at the moment. Not letting thoughts, ideas, and future ‘considerations’ run the ‘inner chemical show.’The word FOCUS got a completely different meaning yesterday. I really felt what the possibility could be if the mind were empty from future considerations.

So now I make a choice: am I going to think about the future right now, or am I going to do what I’m doing right now fully?I’m I going to dive in full empty focus, or I’m I spending this time thinking about a plan?Do you know what the beauty of it all is? It doesn’t matter what you do. Even thinking about the future with ‘empty focus’ becomes valuable time spent!Thank you for your time! (Written with a full empty focused mind)Need to try this underwater now.


Shiatsu practicer, bodyworker, coach, teacher, and compost master

"The seed of this deep knowledge and its validity for every single moment in every single life can never be unplanted."

I absolutely loved working with Moritz. With his unique alertness, openness, and wisdom he held the space for me every single session, so I could find to my own clarity, insight, and health realization.

My approach to my own thinking has changed a lot since we have worked together. And therefore, my backpack has just become a lot lighter. I will forever be grateful to him for introducing the 3 principles to me. The seed of this deep knowledge and its validity for every single moment in every single life can never be unplanted.


Singer-songwriter chellistin

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Being Business Program

4 month online program together with a business retreat
Deepest transformation for you and your business together with highly committed and successful business owners who want to play a different game. Who you are now will not come out on the other side. Business is going to fly. 

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Inner Freedom Retreat

A two-month online program together with a retreat at the end
The inner freedom retreats are a combination of movement practice, dance, coaching and exploration of the principles of mind and nature. We are already free; we just think we are not.

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Nothing creates everything.

Moritz lembert.

Life, Business & Leadership Coach.

Born in Vienna, Austria, I have visited more than 20 countries with my former work as a dancer, teacher, and body-worker. In addition, I have organized retreats and workshops for individuals, groups, and teams for over five years.

After I experienced an insight into the workings of my mind, I realized for myself that there is nothing to achieve, only create.

Fast forward to what I do today: I help people to let die who they think they are and be reborn as what they are. Nothing compares to the feeling of realizing that the story you had was nothing but a story, and in front of you is now a field of Infinite possibility. 


Got Questions?

Find your answers

Whats the ROI on coaching?

In terms of ROI, a study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that companies who invested in coaching saw an average ROI of 7 times their initial investment, and in some cases, as much as 10 to 49 times the investment.

How do I know you are the right one for me?

Finding the right coach is important. We can determine if I'm the right fit by getting to know each other during our first session. If we both feel it's a good match, we can move forward. Otherwise there is no sense to it.

What is your experience in handling my challange?

Is it a personal one? Belive me, despite my age I have seen and worked with a lot. I have hlped people through the deaths of their partner, abuse, anxcity, finacial crisis, depression, burn out, divorce, change of country and profession.

Professionally I have helped people 5x their income, create a new busines, build teams that work, implement coaching in the work place, create working client systems, increase revenue, satisfaction and wellbeing.

My clients are high achievers, high performers within their fields and I love to help with the challanges that come with dreaming big and taking bold actions.

I don't feel ready.

We never feel ready.

What if I dont want to continue after 3 months in?

I have a no refund policy and I dont work with you if we are not clear what it is you want to achive.

Thats why I take time in the intake. When we start working you know for how long you will commit yourself.

I am not sure if I can share everthing with you.

I hold anything you say in strict confidentiality and there is nothing you can say to me, that I will judge you for.

Can I pay in isntallments?

All payments are up front infull.

How much will it cost me?

When working with your organisation the range from as high as 100.000 CHFto as little as 10.000 CHF

When working with indeviduals my prices range from 50.000 CHF to 2000 CHF

All coaching programs are tailer made for you so there is no fix prices tag as it will depend on your unique needs and wants.

Why do I need coaching?

You don't. Nobody needs coaching, yet you might want it. I work with my own coaches, too. At the moment I am working with three. Because I believe in the value of it and love to be supported along my journey. Coaching is a way to get to where I want to go 10 times faster than by myself.

Are there other ways to work with you?

Yes. I offer free content on my social media channels, organize webinars and workshops. You can also come to my retreats where you have personal time as well as a group process.

What do people get from coaching with you?

They change who they are being and their understanding of themselves and the life they live. That lead to people 5x, 10x or 100x their income, create new jobs, clients, relationships, and more.

How do I get started?

You write an email to or get in touch through my contact page.

I will come back to you to schedule your first conversation with me. From there you and I explore if now is the right time to be working together. Working with me is not for everybody. I reserve to say no to requests, if I don’t think we’re a match or that my service is what you are looking for.

Let's dance together, the dance of creation.

You are a creator.

Let us explore the depth of yourself to find what you already know and bring it to life. To create what you really want to create. Trust that you can do this. Life has brought you here for a reason.

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