A reflection of you

May 26, 2023

People told me it's not healthy to walk barfeet on concrete.

It's true.

People told me it's never save to enter a relationship. You will fight, that's just how it is.

It's true.

If you are pushing, you will be pushed back.

I think walking is such a nice way to understand a few things about yourself.

Because the floor always responds as you treat it.

If you walk soft, it will be soft back.

If you pressure the floor, it will pressure you back.

That's why it's true that walking barfeet is unsave on a hard floor, for most people.

Because most people never learned to be soft, even when something appears hard.

Same accounts for relationships (romantic, workwise or otherwise).

I met a wonderful man in a cafe, he is open, friendly, and very interested in people.

As I was having a conversation with him, a police guy passed by.

I know stories about the guy. People told me he is an as.... He is always looking for people to punish!

As the guy walks by my friendly sitting partner says hello, and start asking him about how he is doing, if he menage to get out of the city and told him what a nice colour he menage to get in the sun. The policeman responded very friendly, with laughing eyes and an open face. The same men I heard very different stories about.

The world you see is a reflection of you.

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